Avrupa Ozon Birliği Destek Yazısı

Dear Mr. President, dear colleagues,

We are very glad about the foundation of the “Turkish Society for the Use of Medical Ozone” and we appreciate your efforts to get a member of the European Cooperation. Please find the information and aims of the Cooperation attached.

The German society has published the recommendation of the different forms of application of Medical Ozone and the corresponding required state-of-the-art aseptical methods in 1988 in a circular as well as in 1998 in the Journal “Research in Complementary Medicine”, Karger Publisher 5(198), 61-75.

With 2 of our board members we had the opportunity to attend already a 1 day- and a 2 days-ozone seminar of your society in Istanbul teaching the procedures, ozone dosages and concentrations according the recommended and published guidelines on quality improvement and quality assurance. We would like to congratulate your society for being so active providing practical seminars in December 2005 again and a first Turkish Congress in 2006 together with the European Cooperation.

Good success and a good Cooperation!

Dr. med. Alexander Balkanyi, Prof. Dr. med. Ziad Fahmy, President of the Suisse Society, Vice President of the German Society, Baden-Baden, Oct. 31, 2005

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