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Its aim will be to standardize ozone therapy to the greatest possible extent by developing a series of recommended O3 concentrations and providing uniform dosage guidelines.
In the same way, MODER will aim at providing mutually valid training & development guidelines, making provisions to the fullest possible extent for all indications and application methods of ozone therapy. In the long run, a European Standard Qualification could become a uniform objective.

We intend to conduct Congress, seminars and workshops, all held in the English language. As a national society, MODER with 220 members will be responsible for organizing these seminars.

You will find the currently held training and development sessions, courses, seminars and congresses under the heading „Seminars, Workshops, Congresses”; these are either being held by one of our societies, or consist of events in which we are participating with an ozone workshop&seminar. Every member society is accessible under its own website, which provides information on the organisation and its board, as well as objectives and plans, in addition to other sources of information on the application of medical ozone.

Letters of support from the European Ozone Association
Ozone Congress in Vienna in 2010 after the European Union support and acknowledgment by MODER