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MODER: HAKKINDA > Avrupa Ozon Birliğinin 2010 yılında Viyana'daki kongresinden sonra MODER'e gönderdiği destek ve teşekkür yazısı

The Congress of European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies has been held in Vienna from 8 to10 october 2010

A round table meeting has been performed between European Cooperation of Medical Ozone Societies and Turkish Medical Ozone Society (Medikal Ozon Oksijen Dernegi- MODER) Latest developpements and treatment protocoles has been discussed for the use of medical ozone in Turkey. European Guidelines for the use of ozone in medicine were accepted as a reference for Turkey in this meeting. These guidelines for the use of medical ozone has been set up and evaluated on the basis of 50 years experiences and on the scientific literature, published in international journals and books.

These harmonized and standardized guidelines by European Cooperation are translated to Turkish language and accordingly accepted to declare to medical doctors in Turkey and Ministry of Health Authorities.

As an important result, European Cooperation agreed to continue to support education and training programs in Turkey and decided to work together with Turkish Medical Ozone Society MODER (www.moder.org.tr) in cooperation.

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